Q3 2020

Performance Since the depth of the Covid-19 induced crisis, the market has increased by 50%. The bullish market was driven by both fiscal and monetary stimulus from the US government and US central bank. What we learned from observing the period is that most of the bullishness might have been more driven by the fiscal… Continue reading Q3 2020


As at 16 August 2019 The portfolio is held with Interactive Broker, a very low-cost brokerage platform which charges $1 per trade and offers wide access to international markets and option markets. The remaining of the portfolio is in cash. As of 16 August 2019, cash accounts for c.7% of the portfolio.


Another year has gone by… There has been a lot of mental activities, yet not so much portfolio activities. In 2018 both the global and Vietnamese stock markets have gone through a correction following double-digit increases (as high as 53% for the latter) in 2017. Statistically speaking the US stock market, a reasonable proxy to… Continue reading 2018