Watchlist: the watchlist below serves as a mental database to help me prioritise my research. Majority of these are not currently available at a suitably reasonable price, however some of these won’t be bought even at a reasonable price given the compliant rules that I would need to adhere to with my currently full-time employer. However they will still be on the watchlist for researching/learning purposes. 

World Moat Portfolio

Industrial automation: ABB, Emerson Electric, Rockwell

Industrial technical equipments: GEA Group, Adient

Elevator/Lift: Kone, Schindler

Testing, inspection and certification: Big 4 – SGS, Bureau veritas, Intertek, Eurofins

Alcoholic beverage: Diageo, Pernod Ricard, Brown Forman, Anheuser Busch, Heneiken

Non-alcoholic beverage: Coca Cola, Dr Pepper, Monster Energy

Financial services: The big 4 Canadian banks, Julius Baer Group, Brookfield, Blackrock and several other active asset managers ranked top-down by AUMs, and of course…Berkshire Hathaway (Class B btw, not the $200k class A)

Luxury good: Ferrari, LVMH, Burberry, Malibu, Toll Brothers, Harley Davidson

Confectionary: Mondelez, Lindt (Lindt is definetely for learning purpose, my net worth isn’t high enough for Lindt’s pricey….literally pricey shares. I’m not talking about valuation, I’m talking literally their share price lol)

Technology: Microsoft, Intuit, Applied Materials

Mid-stream infrastructure: Enterprise Product Partners, Praxair

Consumer goods: Unilever, P&G

Funds: Scottish Mortgage Investment Trusts (quality thematic growth)

Others: Brambles (pallet pooling firm)

Viet Moat Portfolio

Airport Corporation of Vietnam, Phu Nhuan jewellary, Bibica, PetroVietnam low-pressure gas distribution, Thien Long Group, Vissan, Kinh Do Food (the ice cream business – yet to public but interested!)

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